OmniMount Innovates Home Offices and Computer Rooms with Full Motion Sit-to-Stand Workstation Mounts
New workspace mounts provide telecommuters and families with flexible computing options that promote health and wellness

Recognizing the growing trend in telecommuting, OmniMount is launching workstation mounts that promote comfortable and healthy home computing. A global manufacturer of A/V mounts and accessories, OmniMount is introducing sit-to-stand workstations at CES 2012, booth 21166. The WORK15 and WORK20 join the ActionMount series and offer flexibility for users in today’s multi-purpose workspaces. With unique functionality and inherent health benefits, the mounts are ideally suited for home offices and shared family computers.

“It’s becoming increasingly common for people to work from home or share one computer between multiple members of a family,” explains John Deutsch, senior vice president of NA sales. “The WORK products are designed to provide a home office solution that maximizes the available space and adjusts to work requirements of different users. In addition to offering comfortable computing, the technology makes standing while computing possible, which has significant health benefits.”

The WORK15 and WORK20 have Ergotron Constant Force technology built in for simple, light-touch adjustments of the keyboard, mouse and monitor. Users can easily move between sitting and standing positions while working. The full motion functionality allows the monitor to move up and out of the way for storage, to utilize more desk space, or to share screen information. The flexibility is ideal for users on shared computers, allowing each person to achieve an ergonomic position regardless of height.

The full motion functionality of the ActionMount series encourages healthy movement that can develop good habits. Research has indicated that the simple act of standing has significant health benefits, such as increased metabolic rate and positive effects on other bodily systems. Health and wellness is becoming top-of-mind for parents and home-based workers. OmniMount’s sit-to-stand mounts are the answer to achieve a healthier and more productive computing environment, whether working, gaming or shopping.

Available in two configurations, WORK15 supports a single monitor up to 15 pounds and WORK20 supports two side-by-side monitors up to 20 pounds. Installation is easy via desk clamp or grommet mounting and cable clips control wires for a clean finish. An optional work surface accessory (WORKS1) is available for target US MSRP $49.95. The WORK15 is available for target US MSRP $399.95 and WORK20 for target US MSRP $429.95.

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Published On вторник, января 10, 2012
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